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some say it lead to justice denied. in just a couple of days, hundreds of the court employees will get layoff notices. joe vazquez shows us it's about to get harder to get things done in san francisco court. joe. >> reporter: elizabeth, the mood here at 400 mcallister is somber right now as courthouse employees are told there will be 200 layoffs, they are just not sure who. about half the courtrooms are shut down. >> we're behind. >> reporter: if you think your line at the clerk's office is long now, just wait. courthouse officials say they have stayed it off for the at last three years -- staved it off for the last year years but budget cuts forced the inevitable. >> we are on the verge of to severely downsize the court. >> reporter: the court officer says come monday, layoff notices will be mailed out to some 200 state workers at san francisco courthouses. 25 of the 63 courtrooms will be shut down. >> this is actually somebody's
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work area. >> reporter: the stacks and stacks and stacks of paperwork will get higher. >> you may have to wait four or five hours to file your law. don't expect to go back to your office. you'll be spending the day here. >> reporter: civil courts will be hit more than criminal court. it could take a year and a half to get divorced. and it could put some people in danger as civil restraining orders could take months to go through. civil lawsuits could take up to five years to get a trial date. >> justice is going to be delayed. it's going to be denied and there is getting around that if we don't have people to process the work. >> reporter: court officials will announce the details of the layoffs and restructuring on monday. many of the courtroom employees will be retrained and reassigned or worse. >> i have been here for 20 years. and i can honestly say my future is in doubt. i -- i -- i don't know that
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next week i'm going have my position eliminated. it's troubling and it's a dire situation here at the court. >> reporter: judge feinstein will announce the details in a 10:30 a.m. monday news conference. those layoff notices will go out first thing in the week but then they won't get them until later in the week. so, elizabeth, next time this week folks will find out whether they made the cut. >> it's a long time to wait, joe. >> reporter: it is. >> joe vazquez in san francisco, thank you. the city of san jose has nearly two dozen more firefighters tonight. fire chief william mcdonald presented badges to 22 firefighters who were laid off last year. they say it's a relief to be back at work after a year off the job. >> i feel this is the greatest job in the world. and to have it taken away from me was really hard. now that i have it back, everything is good again. >> same old story. budget cuts for san jose to lay
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off a total of 49 firefighters last year. a $15 million fema grant helped the department pay for the rehires. san jose is also getting federal help in its war on violent crime. but it's a resource that thousands of people there don't want. len ramirez is in san jose tonight to explain why. len. >> reporter: ken, san jose police have always had a workable if somewhat uneasy relationship with the undocumented immigrant community here. but now that relationship is at an all-time low because of this department's decision to start working with the federal agency known as i.c.e. which is known and feared in the immigrant community. reporter: immigrant groups say there's a chill on the streets of san jose this summer and it's not about the weather. it's because many undocumented workers are now more afraid than ever to call police to report crimes or be witnesses. [ speaking spanish ] >> to be honest i don't trust the police. i try not to go outside too
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much or drive outside just because of this deep fear that i have. >> reporter: it's all because of san jose pds recent decision to take part in the department of homeland security's operation, community shield, which recently brought two federal i.c.e. immigration agents into the department to work as investigators. >> the community shield relies on local law enforcement to make immigration arrests. when police ask immigration agents, word spreads like wildfire in the community that any contact with the police could lead to deportation for themselves or their family members. >> reporter: immigrant groups held a news conference calling on police to drop out of community shield. but with gang-related murders spiking, police budgets plummetting, and officers getting laid off, police say getting federal help now is necessary. >> these two detectives from the federal government are going to be embedded into our gang investigation unit. these are the detectives that are supposed to be putting the violent gang members way for a long time to keep the city safe. so yes, the layoffs the budget played into it.
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>> reporter: police say the agent will deport illegal immigrants only those found to be involved in violent crimes. >> as part might have role, i believe is to help instill that trust. >> reporter: but independent police auditor ladoris cordell says police need to do more to reassure immigrants. she is proposing a community meeting with the i.c.e. agents to shine a light on who they are and what they will be doing. >> if their intentions are as the chief has said, they should have no problem sitting down and talking to community leaders about how it is they will operate here in the city of san jose. >> reporter: judge cordell says she has met with police chief chris moore and says that he is open to that idea of a community meeting. but ken, the big question is whether or not these two agents will be open to it and whether or not the agency itself will let those agency be in any community setting a precedent for other communities in america. >> thank you.
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a 14-year-old danville girl sexually assaulted in a park and police are looking for the suspect who resembles this sketch. the girl says she was walking past the tennis courts at diablo vista park last night when the man embraced her and touched her inappropriately. the girl pushed the man away and ran to the family car. the suspect is about 5'2" and approximatel 60 years old. san bruno police are looking for whoever vandalized dozens of cars overnight in the rolling wood neighborhood. someone broke side view mirror, bent antennae and damaged windshield wipers on at least 29 cars. neighbors say it's usually a quiet neighborhood. >> we have never had this problem. i mean, we have had a little bit of vandalism but nothing like this. >> so far, there are no suspects in the vandalism. the new jersey man accused of stealing a picasso drawing from a san francisco gallery pleaded not guilty today.
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30-year-old mark lugo is accused of walking into the weinstein gallery near union square and walking out with a drawing values at $275,000. when they raided his new jersey apartment they found another picasso stolen from a manhattan hotel. he is due in court next month. the impact was so severe, a woman nearly died. san francisco police say a bicyclist sped right through a red light and crashed into a pedestrian. now linda yee reports the bicyclist could be facing some serious charges. linda. >> reporter: ken, it happened at this very business intersection where cars, people and bicyclists converge. now, the bicyclist was questioned but so far, no charges have been filed. but if the woman dies, he does face serious charges just as if he use a car to hit her. witnesses said the bicyclists was speeding when he hit a woman across embarcadero.
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>> per witness statements, it appears that at this point that the bicyclist ran through the red light and the pedestrian was crossing lawfully with the crosswalk signal. >> reporter: investigators said the woman is in her late 60s. she fell on her head and is suffering from life-threatening injuries. the impact was so severe, the bike was crumpled. the bicyclist also suffered injuries. people who work in the area said the scene was traumatic and complained some bicyclists ride dangerously. >> i think for the most part bicyclists are pretty good. just a few are a little -- they are not paying attention. >> reporter: it's an ongoing issue. some bicyclists ignore rules of the road riding through red lights and in some cases riding around pedestrians trying to cross. police say dangerous moves for everyone involved. and in the case of today's accident, the bicyclist could face the same charges as a motorist. >> bicyclists have to follow the same rules of the road any other motorists do. meaning they have to come to a
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complete stop at stop signs and must stop at red lights, just like any other motorist. so they are not exempt from the rules of the california vehicle code. >> i definitely stop. but i mean, if it's red and there's no cars and it's clear that i'm not in danger, i'm going to go. >> reporter: cyclists complain there are bad drivers too making it unsafe for them in what is supposed to be a bike- friendly city. most will tell you the close calls they have had. >> he didn't slow down at all. i felt like i had the right of way but, you know, he kept coming. >> reporter: the san francisco bicycle coalition says it encourages everyone to follow the rules of the road. it offers educational workshops on bicycle safety in an urban environment. police say the rules are simple. everyone has to learn to share the road. >> in this case, it's very important to remind everyone not just the bicyclists, it's important to remind the motorists as well and the pedestrians that it's important to abide by the law and the
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laws are in place for one's safety. >> reporter: the woman was in surgery late this afternoon. police would only say that her condition remains critical. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. there's a lot of speeders, in a hurry. >> reporter: it's one of the most notorious roads in the bay area. now the harsh penalty that drivers could be facing for breaking the rules. they say he sold them a ticket to nowhere. now a south bay travel agent is on the run. the sneaky way he allegedly gained people's trust before ripping them off. >> and your brain on google. how the internet is changing the way we remember things. ,,
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highway patrol calls it "blood alley." we're talking about
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vasco road. the scene of well, a stretch of road so dangerous, the highway patrol has been calling it blood alley. we are talking of course about vasco road in contra costa county, the scene of numerous car crashes over the years. some of them fatal. there have been plans to widen it and make it less curvy over the years. now there is a new plan to try to make it safer. vasco road runs between interstate 580 in livermore and walnut boulevard in brentwood. unfortunately, it has become a notorious stretch of roadway. mark sayre is standing by in livermore to explain the harsh penalties that drivers could soon be facing. >> reporter: ask anyone who drivers vasco road, they will say it's long, narrow and has lots of curves and has plenty of speeders. >> the chp refers to vasco road as blood alley. >> reporter: vasco road
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stretches for 17 miles between livermore and brentwood and over the years has had more than its share of serious fatal accidents. this stretch of road has a traffic collision rate at least 1.5 times higher than the statewide average for similar roads. and drivers say they are not at all surprised. >> i had a friend that got killed on a motorcycle. somebody hit him on vasco. >> you just don't want to be going fast -- when everybody is going fast and you go around turns, it makes me nervous. i'm not a 19-year-old driver. >> reporter: so now, a bill is moving through the state legislature to double the fines along vasco road from highway 580 in alameda county all the way to walnut boulevard in contra costa county. whatever the fine for your moving violation, you will automatically pay double. >> tragic story after tragic story over the years. >> reporter: the assemblywoman joan buchanon is sponsoring the double fine legislation which has already cleared the full assembly. >> we believe that along with education efforts and the safety improvements they are
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putting on it will remind people to drive the speed limit and take it easy so that we have fewer accidents on vasco road. >> reporter: but whether increasing fines will in itself cause people to slow down is a matter of debate. according to legislative documents, caltrans conducted a study in 2002 which found there was no solid link between increasing speeding fines and a decrease in collisions. >> you think that's a good idea? >> i don't see why not, yeah. it will keep people from, you know, speeding as often, maybe slow down a bit. >> reporter: think that would help with safety? >> yes. it's pretty busy. >> reporter: so just how much money are we talking about? well, if this legislation passes and if you are caught going between one and 15 miles an hour above the posted speed limit, well, that's going to set you back $268. reporting live in livermore, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. a big pot bust in the east bay. police seized about a million dollars worth of marijuana plants growing at a remote area
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of a park. this was in las trampas regional wilderness. 3300 plants were collected. it was in an area between castro valley and san ramon. growers had made an elaborate irrigation system using park water. the mexican army found what they call the largest marijuana plantation. it's on the baja peninsula nearly 300 miles south of tijuana. authorities say 3900-acre operation had pot -- the 300- acre operation had pot plants between tomatoes. it was estimated at $160 million street value. all right. we are going to check in with roberta to see how your weekend is shaping up. >> the operative word is gradual. gradual warming for your weekend. good evening, everybody. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards the transamerica building where you see the overcast skies due low clouds -- oh, did you see this? right there. wait. there. drizzle! we have drizzle all associated with that very deep marine
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layer and as a result, we also have two-hour and 28-minute delays on some arriving flights at sfo. and this is it right here. this is that marine layer that's pushing into the bay working its way all the way into hayward, look at the north bacos. everybody becomes cloudy tonight overnight. today, temperatures hampered by that deep marine layer. 61 degrees in san francisco average high 68. 72 in santa rosa when we should be at 85. it was 17 degrees below normal in livermore and san jose typically 83 but today only 72 degrees. out and about this evening, grab a jacket. the winds are blustery out of the west with some gusts up to 23. you still have time to head out to the coliseum. as playing host to the california angels. game time 7:05. mc hammer bobblehead day on sunday. i'll be there. here's your pinpoint forecast. take a look at the clouds invading the entire area overnight through your saturday. by lunch hour we see partial clearing at the bay so therefore temperatures will go up ever so gently in comparison
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to today. tonight with the blanket of clouds into the 40s and 50s. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures banking between the mid-50s at the beaches with no sunshine, partial clearing at the bay, up to about 77 degrees in concord, clayton and walnut creek. the extended seven-day forecast next time around. ken? >> all right. roberta, thanks. a san jose travel agent is on the lam tonight. he is accused of selling travelers tickets to nowhere. >> on our consumerwatch, julie watts has the details on the alleged scam that victimized one particular community. >> reporter: hey, you know, police are calling it a scam but those in the industry call it an ethnic bustout . it's an all too common practice for so- called travel agents preying on us suspectin communities. >> they are scamming their own people. where are they? >> reporter: police are looking for the owner of asia travel & tours a company that prayed on
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vietnamese customers. >> you would take the money up front. they put together a package, showed up it the airport and when they did so there was nothing. he had taken their money with no intent to follow through. >> reporter: san jose police have not released the owner's identity. but he ran his business from inside this farmers insurance office. a woman asked not to be on camera says all that's left of asia travel & tours is this note from police. >> how long has he been gone? >> three weeks. >> reporter: travel attorney al anolik says this is common among ethnic communities. >> they can rely on the ethnicity. >> reporter: he calls it an ethnic bustout. >> they rely on the community. they put ads in the community newspapers. they sell tickets for a while. then make the big score by selling a lot of tickets and disappearing with their consumers' money. >> reporter: when this type disappearing act happens within antinick community, there cab n added complications within an ethnic community.
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>> in different parts of the community there may be a reluctance to come forward cooperating with law enforcement. >> reporter: especially concerning in this case since police believe there may be more victims who don't know they have been scammed yet. victims who may be more likely to trust members of the community than the police. >> there's always corrupt people this is world. there are corrupted white, black, asian people. i trust my own kind. >> reporter: you should always check to see if your travel agent has a cst number, california seller of travel. in california, if you purchase from a company with a cst number, you're eligible for restitution. for information on that or if you have a consumer complaint, contact us at >> how about shelling out a lot of money up front, is that normal for travel agents? >> reporter: no. you should not pay in full up front. if someone tells you pay in full and show up at the airport, that should definitely raise a red flag but if you have a company with a cst number, california law -- california is the only state that does this -- you are
6:21 pm
eligible for reimbursement. >> thank you. coming up, how google changes your brain and smart phone apps that can improve your mood. that's coming up in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just to fellow americans but fellow citizens on earth." a long-distance phone call, from the oval office. president obama spoke to the astronauts on hello, all right. you're talking to the crew of the space shuttle atlantis. >> that's funny. i was just dialing out for pizza. your example means so much not just to your fellow americans but also to your fellow citizens on earth. >> a long distance phone call from the oval office. president obama spoke to the astronauts on board the final flight of nasa's space shuttle program. the president told the crew he is personally proud of them. among those on board is a bay
6:24 pm
area native, specialist rex walheim of san carlos. you think wow, this is the last flight. it does cross your mind once in a while. >> nasa's shuttle program will end when atlantis returns next thursday. the president's plan for future u.s. exploration is to have private companies take over launches and to get nasa working on human expeditions to an asteroid and mars. if you have trouble remembering things, blame it often google. there is a study by columbia university that says search engines are changing the way our memories work, not your fault. people are less likely to remember information when they know how to easily find it. though they say the study does not prove that search engines are dumbing down society. >> so next time i ask you something, you will google it.
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in a bad mood? there is an app for that. cnet's kara tsuboi shows us hower smart phone can improve your mood. -- how your smart phone can improve your mood. >> reporter: starting with the basic apps, mood analyzer, read your motion on the touchscreen to come up with a diagnosis or mood reading. i decided to give finger scan a try. everything seems to be going your way right now. ride that high. a more sophisticated app was developed by psychologists that analyzed your moods overtime for improvement. you can choose from over 150 different activities that target specific areas for your own personal growth. for example, give someone a compliment without any expectation of appreciation or return favor. that's nice advice. whether it really helps your mood will be up to you. you can count on one thing, though. at free or $4.99 for the higher
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end apps, these sure are a lot cheaper than a therapist. in san francisco, i'm kara tsuboi, for cbs news. going to get that app? >> probably not that one. i like flashlight. >> that's better. how to get a cop when you night one. we find out firsthand what oakland police will and won't respond to. and the secret obsessions of a terrorist. new details about osama bin laden's hit list and what he was planning for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. it could be epic even by hollywood standards what some drivers in l.a. are so desperate to avoid they are willing to spend the whole weekend at work.
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but police admit, the crime is low on their priority list. so when offi thousands of people in oakland are burglarized every year, but police admit the crime is low on their priority list. so when officers did respond to a can youful cases they got accused of providing special treatment. christin ayers explains the situation. christin. >> reporter: ken, it's all because of two recent break-ins of city council members' cars. one of those break-ins here at lake merritt.
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after those happened instead of filling out complaints online, both councilmembers actually went straight to the assistant police chief. they say there is nothing wrong with what they did. >> it happened so quick. >> reporter: we watched it happen to this woman in downtown oakland just a few hours ago. a thief snatched her iphone and credit card information while she waited for a bus. have you ever had had anything happen like this before? >> no. >> reporter: leaving her and a witness terrified. >> i'm afraid. >> reporter: it's not so different from what wes sently happened to two -- to what happened recently to two city council members. their cars were burglarized in june at lake merritt. ignacio de la fuente had a briefcase stolen from his car but unlike this woman, the councilmembers got help from a high level friend. >> so yes, i did call chief jordan simply for purposes of seeing if he could check to see how long it was going to take to dispatch someone out. >> reporter: at a press conference today, councilman de la fuente admitted he called the assistant chief howard jordan after his break-in. >> i called the chief of police
6:31 pm
all the time. >> reporter: both insist they did nothing wrong. >> i didn't get any special treatment. >> nothing wrong with that in your opinion? >> nothing wrong with it. >> reporter: oakland police stopped responding to petty crimes but cops went when they were robbed. brooks says it was because there was a suspect at her scene. >> the level of response was based on the fact that there was a suspect in the area and they were coming out because there were still some information that was actionable upon. >> reporter: turns out our purse snatching victim got the same response as councilwoman brooks. officers were on the scene in two minutes flat all because they believed that the thief was still in the area. >> reporter: there is actually a city council charter provision that says the city council member can lose his or her job if they try and exercise influence over another employee or break the chain of command but again both councilmembers say they didn't do either of those things, they were just calling a friend for help when a situation happened.
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ken? >> well, nobody likes it when they break into your stuff and steals it. christin ayers in oakland, thank you. big brother is watching your every move in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the city just installed the first of 30 digital surveillance cameras. they will allow cops to zoom in on faces even license plates if they need to. this comes three months after restaurant owner jesus campos was gunned down. there are still no suspects in that case. >> it's frustrating to know that someone can commit this murder and be walking among us. >> reporter: there was a camera in the area at the time of the murder but it was pointed in the wrong direction. the city paid $70,000 to install some new cameras. the clock is ticking. with just 18 days to reach an agreement on the debt limit, tonight lawmakers refuse to give ground on their hardened positions. president obama says he is ready to make tough decisions but as danielle nottingham shows us, he put the pressure
6:33 pm
on republicans. >> reporter: president obama says he is ready to act and challenging the republicans to do the same. >> if they show me a plan i'm ready to move. >> reporter: democrats and republicans still disagree over whether a tax increase should be tied to raising the debt ceiling. >> what's required is that we roll back those tax cuts on the wealthiest individuals that we clean our tax code. >> reporter: the president tried to put pressure on republicans saying failure to raise the debt would pace cloudy mean a tax increase for everyone. but republicans won't budge. >> there can be no tax hikes because it destroys jobs. >> reporter: frustrated at the stalemate, the president asked leading lawmakers to shop through options around congress to see if any could win a vote. with lawmakers unable to agree, a fallback plan from gop leader mitch mcconnell is getting some traction in the senate.
6:34 pm
it would give the president the authority to raise the debt limit unless congress blocks it. but republicans in the house support a different plan. it cuts spending now and adds a constitutional amendment that would force the government balance its budget. >> we want to be able to go home to the people that elected us and show them that we're not going to allow this kind of spending to continue. >> we don't need a balanced budget amendment. we simply need to make these tough choices. >> reporter: the president challenged lawmakers to find a solution by saturday morning. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. turns out president obama was on osama bin laden's hit list. the target date was this coming september 11. u.s. official tell abc news that bin laden wanted to shoot down air force one or marine one. bin laden also reportedly hoped to kill general david petraeus while in flight. and the al qaeda leader was
6:35 pm
considering crashing a reno a major sporting event here in the -- a plane into a major sporting event here in the u.s., intelligence all collected from the raid on his compound in pakistan. the plots were apparently only in the discuss phase. a collision involving two airliners on a runway in boston is now classified as an accident. the wing of a boeing 767 clipped the tail of a smaller commuter jet last night. it caused serious damage. part of the wing tip of the larger plane was broken off. the tail on the smaller plane was crumpled and bent. we were third or fourth in line to leave for raleigh and i was half asleep. the next thing you know there is a bang. >> there were no serious injuries although one person complained of neck pain. well, if you thought traffic was bad in l.a., just wait. the final countdown to what they are calling carmageddon and the incredible things drivers are willing to do just
6:36 pm
to avoid the congestion. and a surgical device that could have painful complications for women. the new warning tonight from the feds. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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equipment are now in place along southern california's 405 freeway. they're getting ready for a massive billion bulldozers and other heavy equipment are in place along southern california's famous 405 freeway. they are getting ready for a massive billion-dollar widening project. construction will shut down a 10-mile stretch of the busy 405 beginning tonight through monday morning. and they are calling it carmageddon as massive traffic backups are expected this weekend -- you're heading to l.a., aren't you? >> i am. >> smart girl. and on alternate routes, as well. this is what the 405 looks light right now. stephanie abrams shows us how some people are getting ready for the worst-case scenario. >> reporter: anxiety is how. people who work near the 40 or
6:39 pm
sepulveda this weekend are getting in place right now. the trucks are getting in position and signs are making their way to the 405 on-ramp set to start shutting down at 7:00 tonight. the folks working at gas stations along sepulveda this weekend are preparing for the worst. >> we got our snacks, our trail mix, chips and salsa. we have our sleeping bags. we have our clothes. and we have food. and we're ready for carmageddon. >> reporter: they have been warned if traffic is bad enough they may get stuck. >> if worse comes to worst, we may have to stay in the truck. i think all the hotels will be booked and all the roads will be jammed trying to get through any mountain range secret passage. so better to just probably just stay where we're at. >> reporter: the owner of bel air auto care on sepulveda says if cars break down he may be one of the only places drivers can go for help. >> going to stay open in case people need help because there's project about 10, 15-
6:40 pm
mile radius there is no help. and if it's going to be a lot of people, they might need minor repairs. >> reporter: pablo crews told his employees to stay home so he will be running the shop alone and they are hunkering down at bel air crest an upscale community off the 405. >> we don't know what we'll do. hopefully they will open a back gate for the community we live in so maybe we can go out the back way. but other than that, we are going to be stuck. >> all my rooms sold out this weekend. we are running very, very full of course. >> reporter: good luck looking for a room anywhere near the 405 in brentwood. those who have to work you to the weekend made their reservations at place like the brentwood inn early. >> we have a number of people that are coming in that work here in the neighborhood and that they are doing their best to find places to stay so they don't have to travel back over the hill. >> reporter: most people who have to work on the west side this weekend are planning on staying in hotels or with friends and as you heard for some, working on sepulveda means camping out. reporting from the on-ramp to
6:41 pm
the 405 in encino, stephanie abrams, cbs 5. and when it's all over on monday, you might see a lot of these, t-shirts that read, i survived carmageddon. they are selling online for anywhere from $12 to $30. >> you're heading down there? >> yup. i'm going to walk. >> good luck. proof that nice guys don't always finish last. new evidence about why alpha males have it harder. good evening, everyone, from the cbs 5 weather center. noting again today another seasonably unseasonably cool day. now, how all this is going to affect your weekend. we have the details but first kim has sports. >> gad news for giants fans. another giant on the dl. we'll tell you who will replace him coming up in sports. and tom watson had the shot of the day. but was it enough to make the cut of the open championship? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap. complained about bleeding, infections and debilitating pain, after undergoing a common surgery. now the f-d-a has come out with a new warning women across the country have complained about bleeding, infections and pain after undergoing a common surgery. now the fda has come out with a
6:45 pm
new warning about a material used in the operating room. dr. kim explains the ris. >> reporter: lana says she has been in constant pain since doctors used a synthetic mesh during pelvic surgery. >> pain is bee bill todaying. -- debilitating, awful. >> reporter: doctors implanted mesh to support her bladder and now hundreds of women across the country are having similar problems. it's used to treat incontinence and prolapse when the muscles and ligaments weaken. >> when you have a dropping of the bladder and uterus, the mesh is used to better support the bladder, the uterus, other organs around there. >> reporter: tense of thousands of women have prolapse surgery every year. roughly 40% of the surgeries are now done with mesh. the fda says it's received more than 1500 reports of pelvic pain, groin pain, infection and ongoing pain with sex. >> the most common complication
6:46 pm
is something called mesh erosion or mesh exposure. and that is where the mesh is peeking through the tissues that it is designed to support. >> reporter: dr. lisa dabney says the mesh can benefit some patients who have no other option but some experts want it off the market altogether. >> they have been used despite having no clinical trials, no testing on humans, to see if they are safe and effective. >> reporter: lana has had more than a dozen surgeries to try to remove the mesh. >> i don't want other women to go through what i've gone through. >> reporter: the fda will hold a meeting in september to discuss the mesh and lana plans to be there. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. being the boss is not all it's cracked up to be apparently. it can be stressful. and it can take a toll on your health. not just for people. researchers at princeton found alpha male baboons showed very high stress hormone levels possibly because they have to
6:47 pm
fight for female companions and defend their rank. it could lead it a better understanding of how people's social rank contributes to their stress. i read that story earlier today and i thought, it's just because they cannot multitask. [ laughter ] >> very stressful. can't do two things at once, mr. bastida man. >> that's monkey business. >> okay. [ laughter ] well, nothing as far as a lot of clearing across the bay area -- i was going to go there but i didn't. not a lot of clearing around the bay area as far as the coast is concerned this weekend. right now we are eag overcast skies in the city by the bay so if you have friday night plans heading out to san francisco, san jose, make sure you have a jacket. winds are howling with the onshore flow. as far as our numbers are concerned another unseasonably cool day across the bay area anywhere from 54 in pacifica to 73 napa and in fairfield. livermore's temperature was
6:48 pm
averaging 17 degrees below normal for this time of the year. san jose a good 13 degrees below average. out and about, make sure again you have that jacket with the temperatures into the 50s, 60s and we still have 71 degrees in discovery bay. overcast skies tonight for your friday night, and in the overnight hours. in fact, this marine layer is so deep it's going to be producing more drizzle all the way through the morning hours. but boy lunch hour we start to see the clouds thinning out around the bay so we'll have a degree or two warmer conditions there. friday 81 at the state capital, 67 on the south shore of tahoe. 63 and overcast in monterey. north bay numbers stacking up in the mid-50s with no sunshine, in stinson beach. to 75 degrees in sonoma. low 70s near the russian river in guerneville. this sunday is a half ironman race, usually really hot. conducive conditions in the mid- 70s. just perfect.
6:49 pm
now, meanwhile, in the mid-70s in the eastern portion of our district as well and that is idea for tri for fun tomorrow morning. at the coast, 50s and 60s. 76 sunnyvale. 80s morgan hill. this sunday the aids walk in san francisco again overcast conditions so make sure you dress in layers with the temperature at 59 degrees. now, the extended forecast calls for the warmest day this weekend to be on sunday. and then we'll start to see again that gradual warming trend all the way through about this time next week. temperatures around 90 by wednesday through friday. that's your pinpoint forecast. have a good weekend. >> thank you. more than a dozen within 49 square miles and they are all illegal. tonight at 10:00 on the cw and at 11:00 on cbs 5 the city laying down the law against hookah lounges. what those businesses have to do to keep their doors open. the giants have a new
6:50 pm
catcher on their roster. and there are golf swings and then there's charles barkley's golf swing. need i say more? sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. attention firing a five under 65 is it the british open championship or the open championship or the british open? >> it's the open championship. but i just call it the british. and it's the british open. used to be just the british open. >> what about the 20-year-old that is leading yesterday? >> he fell apart a little bit. from the front to the back end of the tournament just 7 strokes separated them. yesterday tom lewis got everyone's attention firing a 5- under par 65 for a share of the lead in the open championship. today his partner and the man he was named after stole the spotlight. >> tom watson into the wind, beautifully. oh, yes! it's in! >> in for the 15th his career. the five-time open champ shot a 70 and is six back of the lead.
6:54 pm
tom lewis is still in the hunt despite five bogeys. he is nine strokes higher than yesterday but just three off the lead. phil mickelson drains the putt on 14 to move to 1-under, three back and he will take it. they are all chasing lucas glover who made eight straight pars to end the round. the former u.s. open champ is tied for the lead at 4-under with darren clarke, who hits the long eagle putt on 7. glover is trying to become the first american to win a major since phil mickelson won the masters last april. 31 players are within 4 shots the lead including rory mcilroy. thanks to his ace, tom watson made the cut. >> i couldn't see it go in. the replay, it was a slam-dunk. if it missed the flag would have been 30 feet by. so it was lucky. now, they're all lucky when
6:55 pm
they go in. but that's what i was aiming at. it was into the wind and it was about 160 yards. so old guys get them in. the kids are hitting six irs. old guys 4 irons. super bowl champ and former cal quarterback aaron rodgers looks ready for the season. his receiver, however, needs work. to steal a quote from charles barkley, his golf swing is just turrible and apparently getting worse. he tried everything, swing coaches and now using one hand. barkley is tied with king jimmer fer dead for 83rd place out of 58 with 85 golfers. dwyane wade dropped the ball. whatever you have to do to stay in shape during the lockout. pat burrell is on the 15-
6:56 pm
day dl. only two home runs since april 19. hector sanchez was called up from fresno to take the roster spot on the fast track to the majors since bus. posey was injured. he began the year in single a before moving up to fresno for the last 25 games. the as start the second game tonight 25 games behind in the a.l. west. despite the struggles gio gonzalez had a good first after. but that didn't impress his teammates the strikeout in the all-star game. >> they were giving me hell about the fastball. yeah, it was a ball but in paper, it's a strike three and walked off proud. but no, texted to me by ziegler, hey, that's a ball but good job. [ laughter ] >> it's '80s weekend at the coliseum and on sunday 15,000 fans will go home with a bobblehead of one of the team's
6:57 pm
former bad boys mc hammer. >> can't touch this. ♪ [ music ] >> we got something a surprise for you guys coming out on sunday. it's going to be a nice great show. i think wait until you see what we're wearing on sunday. so -- >> baggy pants? >> maybe. we end up putting those mc hammer hats and flat top cuts. >> the pants, it's nice -- going in tight, the pants are wrong. you need to tilt down a little bit. >> that could be the businessman now. >> ken, you wore those hammer pants, didn't you? >> absolutely. >> did you do the move? >> you can't see the moves behind the desk. >> still wearing them under the desk. >> see you at 10 and 11. sleep longer. om. fa.
6:58 pm
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